Convivial Way

Creating fulfilling, joyful experiences for those we serve—that’s the Convivial Way.

We believe in Love, Life, and Laughter. It is why we chose our name “Convivial.”


Love is about fostering community and fellowship with one another. Community creates a sense of belonging and inclusion. Fellowship is about friendship, connectedness and living life harmoniously by honoring, respecting, and encouraging one other, and demonstrating an undivided commitment to live our best, most fulfilling life possible.


Life is about individual growth, vitality, and experiencing new opportunities. Our mission is designed to promote a variety of enterprises and platforms to stay young and healthy in spirit. We believe "living with purpose" boosts individual worth and wellbeing. When we give our talents to positively impact others, locally and around the world, we enrich our own lives. Life is a journey and realizing our purpose is central to the Convivial Way.


Laughter is good for the soul! It transforms us and incites our natural emotions to elevate happiness, peace, and togetherness. Our mission is to celebrate life and build trusted relationships as we promote laughter and fun that opens the door to a compassionate and supportive atmosphere for all.

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